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REGISTRATION & FEES- Cross Country Season 2022

How to Register

If I competed in the recent Summer Track and Field Season, do I need to register again for winter?



Any Little Athletics Victoria registration (insurance) paid since 1 August 2021 will cover you until 31st August 2022. Additional fees ‘may’ apply with your Centre or Cross Country group to accommodate the winter program

What if I was not registered over the Summer Track and Field Season?  If  you did not register over the summer track and field season you will need to register using the following links


For new (trials) and returning members (from previous seasons):


New and Potential members for season 2022/2023:

What are the costs involved in joining a Cross-Country program?

If you registered over the summer track and field season the cross country season is including in teh summer registration fees.  For new members the cost is $80. 

2021/22 Season Member Fees



Registration provides the ability to compete in both the summer and winter seasons. If registering for the first time, proof of birth must be sighted at our centre to accept your registration. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2021/22 registration fees have been discounted  to reflect the shortened season. A refund will be provided if you have already paid the full fees

  • Under 6 to 8 years. Full Registration - $130

  • Under 9 to 16 years. Full Registration - $160



  • Family Registration for 2 Children - $290

  • Family Registration for 3 Children - $420

  • Family registration for 4 Children - $550

  • Family Registration for 5 Children - $680


If your family exceeds 5 please contact us.

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